Speech language pathology

Speech language pathology sessions are 60 minutes long and will be structured to meet the individual needs of your child.  All sessions will include reflex integration using the Masgutova Method.

What is a reflex?

A reflex is a genetic pattern of physiological function to insure neuro-sensory motor development.  Reflexes patterns precede function, which means our body needs to have the reflexive movement patterns in order to movement intentionally.  Reflexes are necessary for positive survival and gradual physical, emotional and cognitive development. 

Scientific articles on MNRI https://masgutovamethod.com/learn-more/articles

Importance of reflexes

Reflexes are the foundation of motor development and sensory integration. In order for our motor and sensory systems to develop properly, our reflexes have to be integrated properly. 

"It is our movements that not only express knowledge and facilitate greater cognitive function, they actually grow the brain as they increase in complexity." Carla Hanaford, Ph.D  Smart Moves